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These are all the full-length versions of the songs. If you like what you hear, please buy the album. Thanks!
  • Radio 60, [mp3]. From debut album, Beautifully Smart.
    "Radio 60, on the other hand, is all bouncy beats and Nuggets styled organ runs that bid ye remove thee ass from your chair as it climaxes with primal fuzz guitar blast ala the Kinks" - Foxy digitalis

  • Beautifully Smart, She's Standing There, [mp3]. From debut album, Beautifully Smart.
    "Beautifully Smart does give you its best trio of songs in one convenient clump, among them the too-brief 'Beautifully Smart, She's Standing There', a crystalline hard-pop gem that is AqPop at its most appealing." - Stylus Magazine
    "Beautifully Smart, She's Standing There is a sweet folky-pop thing that makes me think indie rock Byrds and Big Star with fantastic boy/girl harmonies." - Foxy Digitalis

  • Have It, [mp3]. From debut album.
    "Åpningssporet Have It er rett og slett en liten perle." - Adresseavisen
    "Have It. is a psych pop confection of highest possible caliber" - Broken Face

  • Screen, [mp3]. From debut album.
    "Om alle låter i hele verden kunne være like spretne og livsbejaende som Screen! Vi snakker to og et halvt minutt pop-perfeksjon" - Spot

  • Greatest Time, [mp3]. From Greatest Time EP released 2002.

  • Magic Luxury, [mp3]. From Recomander ep released 2001.
    "Magic Luxury" is a sort of GBV/Badfinger brilliantly compressed pop. - Dream Magazine
    "Magic Luxury" uses early 60s pop elements in a 70s rock context recalling Bowie and Mott The Hoople." - Broken Face

  • Dirty Thoughts, [mp3]. From Greatest Time ep released 2001.
    "En nydelig liten perle av ei poplåt" - HA

Sounds : live

Cavern Club, Liverpool (IPO Festival) 26.May 2006:

  • Beautifully Smart, She's Standing There, [mp3].
  • Confused, [mp3].
  • Dirty Thoughts (aka Calendar Song), [mp3].
  • Show For You, [mp3].
  • Caught By This Feeling, [mp3].


AqPop at YouTube.

Liverpool gigs, 2006

[asf], 16 MB. Video by Karl M/Frode.

Relate That Something

[asf], 8.4 MB. Video by Joseph Turner.

Have It

[asf], 13.8 MB. [mpeg], 34.8 MB.
Filmed by Ragnhild and AqPop. Edited by Sylvia Flower.

Radio 60

[asf], 10.1 MB. [mpeg], 22 MB.
Filmed by Vegard Smevoll, Erik Lystad and AqPop. Edited by Sylvia Flower.

Live clips, November 2004

[asf], 14 MB.
Features short clips from Gold Pin, Have It, Beautifully Smart, Syranid and I Would Not Wind Off. Recorded at Knaus, Trondheim. 5.November 2004.
Filmed by Ragnhild and Hege. Erlend assisted them.

Sounds : demos, versions, other fun

  • Have It, [mp3]. Karl M's original demo from november 2001.
  • Confused, [mp3]. Version recorded as Chime Poppers sometime during 2002.
  • Beautifully Smart, She's Standing There, [mp3]. Early demo sketch. Released on one of the Dream comps.

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