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Beautiful Smart (out september 2004) 01.Have It (dahl)
02.Radio 60 (dahl/holm)
03.Screen (holm)
04.Beautifully Smart She's Standing There (dahl)
05.Relate That Something (holm/ingdal)
06.Confused (holm)
07.The Day (holm)
08.Caught By This Feeling (dahl/holm/ø.holm)
09.Command Smile:able (holm)
10.Syranid (dahl)
11.For Yourself (holm)
CD 35g Records/Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2004)
Just A Dream (out 2001) 1. out of control
2. the greatest time
3. impacted memories
4. one disappeared
5. just a dream
6. i don't care
7. unread questions
8. flipping up winds
9. my neverending truth
10. dirty thought
11. strange times
12. and what fell apart?
CD-R Red Nail Music (2001)
(Chime Poppers): Greatest Time EP 01.The Greatest Time (holm)
02.Yr Further Thoughts (holm)
03.Dirty Thouhts(*) (holm)
04.You won (holm).
(*):Later re-recorded by the Dipsomaniacs for their ep Read My Mind.
7" Two Zero / Zapruder Groove (2002)
(Aquarium Poppers): Recomander Tunes In Various Stations ep 01.All Clues Implied (dahl)
02.Same Delight (dahl/holm)
03.Magic Luxury (holm)
04.Trapin I'm Sorry (dahl)
05.Comic Thrill (aka The Freak) (dahl/holm)
06.Thoar (a.galbraith)
7" - out of print 35g Records (2001)
(Aquarium Poppers): Find The Tunes/Jamison 01.Find The Tunes (dahl/holm)
02.Jamison (dahl/holm).
7" 35g Records (2001)
Dream Magazine #5 CD (Dream). AqPop: Fair Share of Praise (demo). Written by Dahl/Holm. Recorded June 2004 in 4-track in Trondheim. M Other artists: Piano Magic, the Lost Domain, Verdure, Mushroom, Bipolaroid, Volcano the Bear, Jack Rose, Testbild!, Julia Vorontsova, as well as an out of print John Trubee instrumental and Bob Moss doing the previously unrecorded Tom Rapp song "Every Change is Release" by permission. CD Dream Magazine (2005)
HHBTM vol 3 (Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records ). AqPop: Feature-Making Quibble (dahl/holm)

Recorded at Nidaros Studios june 2002. Recorded and produced by Thomas Henriksen.

01.63 Crayons - Charlotte Jones
02.Apartment Star - Wake up with some Melodies
03.Bugs Eat Books - Converse Blues
04.Lake Holiday - Awake Too Long
05.Shermans - Monday
06.Friends of Sound - Saturdays
07.Laura Waiting - Crush
08.Her Majesty's Orchestra - Silver Linings
09.Loch Ness Mouse - My Cat and Me
10.Maybellines - On and On
11.Poison Control Center - All Summer Long
12.Moogle Charm - Subject was Roses
13.Ethnobabes - Uncle
14.Tables - Living Next Door To Alice in Wonderland
15.Elekibass - You Share the same heart in theory
16.Casper and the Cookies - Harpo's Blues
17.Magic Tennies - Secrets
18.Jen Turrell - Better off
19.Love Letter Band - Mike Moran
20.The Orchid Pool - Fever Dream
21.Transparent Blue Extravaganza - My Thoughts Disappear
22.Sunshine Fix Electric Blues Band - Run Run Away
23.Twin Atlas - Plains of Saviors
24.Aqpop - Feature making quibble
25.Pop Off Tuesday - Instant Cycles
26.Bidston Moss - Elwitt Come in the Evening
27.Bellhouse - Bathwater
CD Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records (2004)
(Aquairum Poppers) For The Dead In Space (Tom Rapp tribute). Aquarium Poppers: From The Movie Of The Same Name. (disc1)
01.Marissa Nadler - Ballad To An Amber Lady
02.Kemialliset Ystavat - Suojelusenkeli
(Guardian Angels in Finnish)
03.the Olive Tree (Jewelled Antler) - Blind River
04.Bardo Pond - Uncle John
05.Aquarium Poppers - From The Movie Of The Same Name
06.Gentle Tasaday (of Salamander) - Snow Queen
07.Noxagt - Regions Of May
08.Kawabata Makoto (of Acid Mothers Temple) - When I Was A Child
09.Oren Ambarchi - Sail Away
10.Prydwyn - Prayers Of Action
11.Fursaxa - Epitaph
12.Black Forest / Black Sea - Wizard Of Is
13.Kitchen Cynics - Les Ans
14.James Jackson Toth (Wooden Wand + The Vanishing Voice) - City Of Gold

(disc 2)
01.David Rapp - Frog In The Window
02.Aspera - These Things Too
03.Bevel - Look Into Her Eyes
04.Monster Island - Riegal
05.Ron Chelsvig - Rocket Man
06.Adrian Shaw (of Bevis Frond) - Mars
07.Thurston Moore and Mike Watt - Fourth Day Of July
08.Alastair Galbraith - Everybody's Got Pain
09.Green Crown - Raindrops
10.Dead Raven Choir - Song About A Rose
11.Stone Breath - Ring Thing
12.Cauldron (of Spacious Mind) - Man In The Tree
13.Mutter - Forbidden City
14.Pearls Before Swine - Translucent Carriages (unreleased 1967 alternate version)
CD Secret Eye (2003)
FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE TELEPATHIC EXPLORERS (Free City). AqPop: Caught By This Feeling (AqPop/Ø.Holm) Other artists: Nick Bensen & Jeff Sanders, The Bevis Frond, Dipsomaniacs, Kable, Lucky Bishops, Kable, Lucky Bishops and more.
Caught By This Feeling was later re-recorded by the Dipsomanaics for their album Praying Winter.
CD Free City Media (2003)
(Aquarium Poppers) Dream Magazine #3 CD (Dream). Aquarium Poppers: Beautifully Smart, She's Standing There (demo). Other artists: The Sand Pebbles, Jeff Kelly, Goblin Market, Peter Scion, Dipsomaniacs, The Iditarod ++. CD Dream Magazine (2002)
(Aquarium Poppers) The International League of Telepathic Explorers (Free City). Aquarium Poppers: Magic Luxury (holm) Other artists: The Minders, Photon Band, Motorpsycho, Dipsomaniacs, Nick Bensen ++. CD Free City Media (2002)
(Electric Jam Soul Aquarium): We Are Hello 4.1. The Looking Glass Self (dahl/terje stav) Other artists: Askil Holm, Seid, Deflower, Reilly Express, Gåte, Sissy Wish. CD Machine Machine (2001)
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