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AqPop is:

Thor Jørgen Holm
Thomas Ingdal
Karl Morten Dahl
Jade Hasselgård
Eskil Laksfors



AqPop is a pop-rock-psych band based in Trondheim of Norway. A city also featuring mind-blowing bands like Dipsomaniacs, Motorpsycho, The Kulta Beats and Seid. Their music is influenced by both vintage and contemporary artists. References like Byrds, Guided By Voices or even Radiohead are often found in reviews of their records. "AqPop make some potently melodic and moving modern psychedelic pop" - Dream Magazine. ... "Guided By Voices and Yo La Tengo come to mind.AqPop tempers their garage and pop-punk attack with a sense of experimentation and harmonic splendor that keeps things interesting to those reared in the poppier ways of The Kinks, The Velvet Underground, Zombies and other Elephant 6 demigods." - Foxy Digitalis.

Their debut album, Beautifully Smart (2004), was released on 35g Records (Norway) and HHBTM (USA). During 2001-2002 they released three 7" EPs - records which got limited distribution and can be hard to track today. Chime Poppers has origins back to the late 90s when Thor Jørgen, Andreas and local friends started doing small gigs and recording 4-track recordings on their own. Aquarium Poppers and Chime Poppers merged into AqPop in september 2003.

The precedor to AqPop, Aquarium Poppers, started out in january 2001 as a songwriting project between Thor Jørgen and Karl Morten. The latter gave the former demos of some songs he had written. Thor Jørgen liked what he heard and immediately finished 2 of the songs and recorded a demo version of Find The Tunes. This is in fact the version released on the debut 7" with the exception of some backwards guitar. The song Jamison was recorded with help from Andreas of Chime Poppers. Those two songs came to be the debut 7" release on on 35g Records.

Aquarium Poppers released another 7" by the end of 2001, a 6-song ep called "Recomander Tunes In Various Stations" with 5 fresh aq pop gems and an Alastair Galbraith cover. The ep was very well received among various international fanzines. The release is now out of print, but can probably still be found in the stock of some international mailorder companies.

Chime Poppers has origins back to the late 90s when Thor Jørgen, Andreas and local friends started doing small gigs and recording 4-track recordings on their own. Chime Poppers, excisted from 98-99 to 2003 with various people being involved. A lot of live shows were played and praise received. Their 2002 "The Greatest Time ep" was unfortunelately seriously undermarkedet by the Two Zero and Zapruder Groove labels (not a single review is available) and therefore neglected. It features two stunning hits (but nobody knows it yet :] ): Greatest Time and Dirty Thoughts. The latter was later re-recorded by the Dipsomaniacs ("Calendar Song") for their Read My Mind ep. Both these songs have later been played extensively at AqPop live shows.

In 2001-2002 Chime Poppers recorded songs for an album to be released on Two Zeros. Later songs for a 10" EP were recorded and finished (song titles include Canned Cans Beloved and Confused, the latter later to be found on the AqPop debut album). Unfortunelatey both these releases were postponed and the Greatest Time EP was the only music released under the name Chime Poppers.

During fall of 2004 AqPop received a lot of praise from the media. The Holm-penned Relate That Something was playlisted on NRKs Urørt for 10 weeks, while the Dahl-penned Have It was playlisted in Radio Tangos b-list and norwegian list for 16 weeks. It also made it to the 4th place on Radio Tangos 'Made In Norway' program. In Addition the song Radio 60 was picked in NRK Urørt's 'songs you cannot live without this weekend'.

In may 2006 they played two shows at the International Pop Overthrow festival in Liverpool, UK.

From the left: Thor Jørgen, Andreas, Jade, Karl Morten and Thomas.

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